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Client Services

Consultation by Phone

If you’re busy or out of town, Skype or telephone sessions can be most convenient. Learn more about these types of sessions.

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Group Session Hynpotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a great way to improve morale and productivity for any group. Discover how it can help your workplace or community group thrive.


New Patient Forms

Please print and fill out this form before coming in for your first hypnotherapy appointment.

New Patient Form

Stop Smoking New Patient Form

Please print and fill out this form before coming in for your first Stop Smoking appointment.

Stop Smoking Form

Hypnotherapy Gift Certificates

Hypnotherapy helps everyone and makes a wonderful gift for someone you care about. Surprise someone today with a gift of hypnosis.

Get a Gift Certificate

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Patient Policies

  • Please Be Prompt
    Please arrive on time for your appointment. Arrival 10 minutes later than your appointment may be result in your appointment being cancelled.
  • Cancellation Policy
    You must cancel within 24 hours to receive a full refund if you have paid in advance for a session.
  • Disclaimer
  • Hypnotherapy Tax Information 
    You can get 100% of the cost of hypnotherapy reimbursed on your taxes if you meet certain criteria.
  • Insurance Information
  • Privacy Policy
    Your privacy will be respected at all stages of the process.

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Code of Ethics

Sunil is bound by the strict code of ethics laid down by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc, and the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association and undertakes to:

  • Provide treatment consistent with a diligent duty of care and within knowledge, competence and experience.
  • Ensure that wherever a physical cause to a client condition may be either known or suspected, that the client be encouraged to seek medical advice. Maintain strict confidentiality during and after treatment.
  • Obtain client permission before audio or video recording of any part of a consultation or therapy takes place.
  • Refrain from using his position of trust and confidence to exploit the client emotionally or in any other way whatsoever. To complete courses of treatment in every case at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • To take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the client and those accompanying them.
  • Conduct himself at all times in such a way as to do nothing that might bring hypnotherapy or the Associations he is a member of into disrepute.