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Client Testimonials, Portland OR

Here’s what clients have said about their experiences working with Sunil:
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“My experience with Sunil in addressing my issue of fear was very effective. At the end of the session I felt hope for the first time. Thanks is not enough!”
— Eric D., Portland, OR

“This was my first experience with a trained hypnotherapist. I was very at ease with Sunil and found him to be considerate and professional. The sessions were enjoyable, relaxing, and helpful. I feel that my core issues related to self-confidence were addressed for me in a very short time. I have become more positive and confident in my life.”
— C. Farmer, Portland OR

“Sunil worked with me during a particularly stressful time of my life. Through his calm manner and expert guiding through a hypnotherapy session, I quickly became relaxed and at ease. The work has opened me to new insights and I feel more capable of growing past limitations that I have struggled with for many years. I will be using Sunil as a hypnotherapist again in the future and would recommend him to anyone who truly wants to release behaviors that are no longer useful.”
— S. Shaw, Hood River OR

“As a 41-year-old man who has experienced many intense outbreaks associated with the chronic skin condition of eczema (atopic dermatitis), I feel grateful to have discovered the work and ways of Sunil Varma. While working with Sunil, I experienced a continual period free from the itching, flaking, pain, and redness of skin that for decades has manifested harmfully on random parts of my body. Even now, I feel empowered to treat my less severe condition with fewer medications.

For me, Sunil’s practice included a combination of raw, deep, powerful questioning in full consciousness; guided trance with relaxing meditative imagery and journeying; simple, soothing, personalized suggestions made during trance; and periods of absolute silence in a safe, altered state of awareness. Sunil’s confidence, accessibility, natural curiosity, and deep intent to help are all factors in his success.”
— Steve C., Portland, OR

“I had the extraordinary opportunity to receive some hypnotherapy sessions from Sunil Varma recently. I found him to be completely heartfelt, sensitive and highly skilled at what he does. The areas that I had the intention to heal were definitely aided through his expertise. My experience with all practices and techniques is that they are only as effective as the person who uses them. I would recommend him to anyone who has the courage to genuinely partner with someone in their own commitment to heal.”
— Maureen A, Portland, OR

“With the help of Sunil, for the first time in my life, I have been able to create enough space to allow my true calling to surface and come into focus. I have regained my confidence and can already feel that something miraculous is taking form in my life.”
— Kirsten, Portland, OR

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“In my work with Sunil Varma, I have been uncovering some deep inspiration for living my life, that has been lying dormant inside of me. I am so very grateful for this expansive experience.”
— Mari Ane, Portland, OR

“Sunil has been skilled at helping me to transcend deeply within myself to find core issues that maybe holding me back. He has a gentle yet powerful way of working through the process of change. He is very committed and passionate about helping others.”
— Joan C., Portland, OR

“This was my first time trying hypnosis. I found that It was helpful support for my personal growth efforts. In fact, just one session with Sunil created a gentle but profound shift in my ability to stay present in a state of non-conflict with my partner.”
— Portland Bodyworker, Portland, OR

“When I first met Sunil I was on leave from a highly stressful job. I had been in a dark place, both mentally and physically when I found him. He has a special essence about him and ability to intuitively heal at a very deep level. I was suffering from exhaustion, lack of motivation, and emotional blockage. He has guided me through some very difficult healings, including family drama, confusion, depression, pain, fear and some sorrow.

Since my time with Sunil my friends tell me that I look better and younger than I’ve looked in years. I feel a lightness after releasing some very negative things from the past. I’m calmer, happier, and for the first time in my life have started oil painting. It was always a dream of mine to paint a huge canvas and just let go. I’ve started out slowly, but the bottom line is that this would have never happened without Sunil, his insight, his ability to guide the healing of the soul. He also helped me to reconnect with my spirituality. He is kind, generous and intuitive. I will be going back for Sunil tuneups as time goes by. You have everything to gain by his expertise and knowledge. It was an invaluable investment in my health and well being. Thank you Sunil.
— Susan B., Portland, OR

I am so glad I found Sunil ! It has been amazing the change that has occurred during my sessions with him. I had a tragic event occur in my life and was going through a period of time with friends and family wanting me to “get over it”. Then one day a friend said “Too bad it’s not like weight loss and you could just go to a hypnotherapist.” The light bulb went on and I thought “Why not?” Now with Sunil’s help I am happy, I am optimistic, I am looking forward to the future. I highly recommend this man to help you with whatever issues you feel you need to work on.
– Ginette Neal Portland, OR

“Our family is so grateful for your help. The changes we’ve seen within a week in our 13-year-old son, after just two hypnotherapy sessions, is amazing. He has become animated, playful, outspoken and cooperative. No longer does he act out negative destructive emotions, the boy side in him has come out again. When we first met you for a session, Eric was the complete opposite – very guarded with a blank stare, shy and introverted. We had to constantly tell him to speak up. The positive changes happened so quickly, it was very unexpected! I would highly recommend you to any parents who have a troubled teen.”
— Joy Ramos Davis (Beyond 50 radio Station), Milwaukie, OR

“When I started seeing Sunil I was looking to bypass the traditional talk therapy route. I had done many forms of alternative therapy by then and was looking for something deeper. I was dealing with heavy family issues and trying to figure out my trigger points for my own anxiety, fears, security seeking and blaming issues. I wanted to learn how to be less reactive overall and more in the present moment without being afraid to give of myself. I have had a very successful career by intuiting what others needed from me, but didn’t know how to create boundaries or say no without any “heat” behind my words because of my guilt about “not being enough” or able to “fix it” when it came to myself or my family.

After seeing Sunil several times on a weekly basis I came to understand how much judgement, and overall dislike of myself I had. What I hadn’t realized is that I still needed to release an earlier life trauma that ran me and ate into my overall well being . With the help of Sunil I was able to release a lot of the pent up junk without a long drawn out talk process. The realization(s) would come a day(s) later after our session(s) and I was able to recognize, from a more objective place, what was going on inside of me. Always the “ah-ha’s” came in a gentle cathartic kind of way that I could really feel inside, not just intellectualize or understand with my head.

The work didn’t just focus on one or two issues, it is a wholistic approach and truly reached all areas of who I am and what I struggle with. Now I am able to really listen openly without projecting all my thoughts into the situation, live in the excitement of the unknown and still have goals for the future. The biggest gift has been gaining the understanding of how to live in the present moment and has been the the key antidote to my avoidance behavior (aka fear).

An added bonus was the willingness of my partner to also see Sunil. We were struggling to accept our opposite natures and how to come to terms with our blended family issues. Sunil has really enriched our relationship by helping us to grow into our potential individually. It’s great to do this work with people you love. More to share, appreciate and love that way…which is the key to all of it anyway!

Thanks for your devotion to the people, Sunil!”
— Lesa S., Beaverton OR

“Sunil is a brilliant man with a phenomenal gift. I give him my highest recommendation!”
— Alicia Anne B., Portland, OR

“Sunil has helped me greatly with life, he has given me direction. My symptom of Claustrophobia and lack of self-confidence took many years away from my life and now the symptoms have gone. His treatments have been a great help. I have tried many different therapies but couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I recommend him to anyone seeking to free themselves of the pain of the past.”
— Colvin H., Portland, OR

“This was my first experience with a trained hypnotherapist. I was very at ease with Sunil and found him to be considerate and professional. The sessions were enjoyable, relaxing, and helpful. I feel that my core issues related to self-confidence were addressed for me in a very short time. I have become more positive and confident in my life.”
— Carmen F., Portland, OR

“Sunil is dedicated to the truth of helping people help themselves. Well worth the time spent…”
— Michael M., Portland, OR

“Sunil conducted an extensive pre-treatment consultation that made me feel comfortable and confident. During treatment, I felt layers of resistance softening. I left with confidence, clarity and a deeper connection to myself. I would highly recommend Sunil to anyone wondering if hypnotherapy might be of benefit to them.”
— Carl D., Portland, OR

Sunil is nothing short of amazing. His calm and professional manner will take you to a place deep inside of yourself and lead you to insights that may seem “out of this world” but are truly life-changing. He’s fantastic! I highly recommend Sunil if you want to change or move on with your life if you’re feeling stuck. He certainly helped me.
— Mary M. S., Portland, OR

“Sunil is very intuitive with his work, it was extremely relaxing and felt as if it were a great compliment to the work I was already doing.”
— Pamela M., Portland, OR

“Sunil worked with me during a particularly stressful time of my life. Through his calm manner and expert guiding through a hypnotherapy session, I quickly became relaxed and at ease. The work has opened me to new insights and I feel more capable of growing past limitations that I have struggled with for many years. I will be using Sunil as a hypnotherapist again in the future and would recommend him to anyone who truly wants to release behaviors that are no longer useful.”
— Stacey S., Portland, OR

Sunil’s work isn’t what I expected, but it works. I went to him to help me stop procrastinating. He was able to help me overcome some long held feelings about “not being good enough” to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. Sunil is an amazing healer. Vanessa Hill Portland, OR

I first went to Sunil for weight loss. Sunil’s work is not what I expected and was unconventional to say the least, but most importantly it works. I have kept my weight off for more than a year. I came away with so much more as he was able to help me release some unconscious beliefs held from childhood trauma, this has helped me step into my life and enjoy living it. Sunil is able to heal at a very deep level and I appreciate his dedication and commitment as a healer. I highly recommend Sunil to anyone who wants real change in their lives as Sunil delivers.Jane Roberts Portland, OR

I was going through a lot of hardships in life and was looking for a good hypnotherapist to help heal my subconscious mind. I knew I needed help from a qualified hypnotherapist because I tried about anything else to make my life situation better but it wasn’t enough. I was going through a lot. There was so much emotional drama in my life and a lot of past pain that needed to be healed. I got 6 healing sessions with Sunil and at the end of the 6th session my head started to get clear. I felt a sense of peace and calmness. I feel a lot more at  peace now with myself and everything and everyone else around me. His work has truly helped me a lot in so many areas of my life. I think you need to give it a try to believe it. I can’t explain how powerful he is at what he is doing. I have much better relationship with people around me and I definitely know myself better. He helps you grow emotionally and then you know how to make right decisions for yourself which will have a positive impact in all areas of your life. It is amazing to realize that if we heal ourselves, our life situation changes without us putting extra effort. Things will start to work out better for you in life once you get healing with him. Give it a try and you will probably realize it was one of the best investments you have ever made.

Thank you Sunil. Sabrina E, Portland OR

“The work Sunil does is just outstanding. I will be the first to admit I was a skeptic that hypnosis was going to work for me, but it did! I would highly recommend Sunil, for anyone that really wants to quit smoking. The urge to smoke was suppressed, after just one visit. So now Sunil and I are working on my self-confidence issues with hypnosis, and I feel ten times better about myself. Thank you so much!!!”
— Kris H., Portland, OR

“I came to Sunil Varma while standing at the crossroads of my life as depression, fear, anxiety, and my past had locked its grip on my ability to live to my fullest potential. Within the first two hours of working with him I felt the beginning of an amazing transformation starting to take root. His insight, calm presence, compassion, understanding, and support have provided me with the tools and courage to confront and overcome the obstacles that stood between me and my true happiness in life. I was amazed at how focused he was on my well being and how quickly his methods brought about a change in my day-to-day circumstances. The desire to change comes from within, but Sunil is unquestionably the most valuable asset on a person’s journey. Thank you so much Sunil.”
Joel Z., Portland, OR

“As a Holistic Practitioner, I recognize that at times we all need assistance to release negative blocks keeping us from all the abundance life has to offer on all levels. Sunil’s work is deep, most amazing and shifts were experienced throughout my session with him as he compassionately and with the utmost integrity led me to acknowledge some very difficult blocks buried deep within my heart. He guided me into a deep relaxed state as I “washed” the painful blocks away lovingly and effortlessly. My body tingled and I felt as though I was walking on white billowy clouds. I’ve not experienced such a profound release before with so much ease!”
Sandy B, Vancouver, WA

“Sunil is extraordinarily insightful and adept at identifying areas and issues that need resolution. His work is simultaneously profound and simple. His gentle presence, expertise and compassionate guidance allowed me to address long-standing limitations to do with self-confidence with complete comfort and ease. The depth of relaxation I experienced while working with him was even noticed by friends. His work grounded me significantly and allowed me to regain my ability to respond effectively to life. I will gladly work with Sunil again and can wholeheartedly recommend his work helping people who are ready to make changes in their lives. I am hoping we can resume our work together, once I return to work.”
— Laura N., Portland, OR

“I recommend Sunil to anyone who wants to free him or herself from any trap that is rooted inside of you!! Absolutely life changing results!
— G. Goldstein, Orlando, FL

“Before I found Sunil, I had had five years of traditional talk therapy. It had helped me, but my problems were deeply ingrained. I’d been raised by a socially anxious mother, and what I’d learned from her was: If you want my love, in whatever you do, you must always be successful; with everyone you meet, you must always be popular; and, last but not least, you must never ever make a mistake.

My traditional therapist had repeatedly tried to teach me the obvious–that nobody’s perfect, nobody is universally loved, and everybody makes mistakes; but somehow her counsel never rid me of these cruel, unforgiving and impossible standards that were always running at the back of my mind. By the time I found Sunil, I had reached a chronic state of depression and creative paralysis. Over 18 sessions, Sunil aided me in bringing my unconscious feeling and thinking to the surface where I was able to see it clearly, change it, and free my creativity and joy.”
— Ann Cameron, Portland OR

After decades spent reading self-help and spiritual books, attending seminars and workshops, and meeting healers and psychics ( they all helped), I finally found in Sunil someone who could actually effect major, lasting changes in my life.

Lifelong feelings of fear, anger, and anxiety – which began in early childhood and only worsened as I got older–have greatly diminished through his work. Sunil has a gift for accurately determining the hidden issues which continually sabotage our lives, and is then able to root them out at their source in the unconscious mind. With the blockages removed the energy of life is more free to flow through us, allowing us to live up to our full potential. Life becomes more worth living, and I believe anyone would benefit greatly from this investment in themselves.

-B. Parks, Portland OR

It’s amazing how just a couple sessions helped move me in a different and better direction in my life and in my business. Sunil was great to work with, easy to get along with and very knowledgeable of his trade.
He did great things for me, I highly recommend him.

-F. Desantis, Portland OR

Working with Sunil has had a very positive influence on my healing path, helping me to get past habits of overthinking, to attain clarity of thought with greater ability to stay present, relax into the moment and deepen my awareness into my heart. I am an entrepreneur and artist so this is important to help accelerate my internal work and perform at a high level on a daily basis, with ability to both focus and relax in the moment. Quincy Davis Portland, OR

Sunil Varma in many ways goes beyond most healing techniques I have encountered to the point of which a masterful beauty becomes your existence.  From my own personal experience I have found a sense of relief that happens after a session with Sunil.  Not only because a part of you is healed that you never thought could but also because there is finally a feeling of love and pure joy that takes it’s place.  I would highly recommend his remote energy healing.  You can be going about your day and without expectations or fore warnings you suddenly realize that whatever feeling that was holding you back or causing harm in your mind or body, is gone.  His healing techniques are the most profound I have experienced and he is able to go deep inside, to the core of your problems, as well as being dedicated to his gift of healing in which he honors his work by being true to it.

-K. Hass, Artist  Portland OR

This is about YOU and my gratitude in meeting you! 
Today was a great day, for many years ago a wish was granted and you were born! You blessed this planet, this vibrational frequency of energy in your very essence with your first breath when you were born. I give thanks to your mother for bringing you into this world. 
My life has forever been changed from meeting you. Years ago in a small room in Portland, Oregon- My first time ever hypnotized ~ I have waited my entire life to have met you at that very moment and With all my curiosity, exploration and naive innocence- I was looking for answers and having so many questions- I found you and made my first visit towards my self Sunil! 
So with all this – I wish you a very Happy Birthday, a blessed day and a quiet whisper to you~ You are the best gift in my life and you are a true gift to this world 
Over the past years, i realized my first visit was close to seven years ago and with this unfolding of time I created turtles yoga & wellness, which  is about….
beauty, harmony, balance, and  wellness.
we honor the sacred elements of this beautiful earth and give thanks to the waters on our lands. 
Turtles was created with you in mind! Turtles is you! Every person is a turtle- for we only have one shell, one life, one breath, one beat, one experience at a time. We must remember to be in balance with our internal selves and find harmony in the beauty around us externally by escaping to the thing we love and honoring our life.
As a turtle we must keep in balance by catering to the essential needs of our being, mind, body and our essence.
We live such busy lives and here at Turtles Yoga & Wellness, we ask you to slow down and detach from the technology, gadgets and gizmos of the world and connect to your inner core, your breath, all the elements within you, and the signature water print you have within. 
We are excited to share “All the good stuff inside” and truely hope you find time to come take a class and be part of our turtle story! 
With deep appreciation, Turtles is very blessed to be open and with over whelming tears of joy- I am truely honored to share this experience with you!
~There are over 465 ways to say, Thank you.  Here are a few…Thank you, Ose, Mahalo and Gratitude in Closing Amen, Sat Nam, Namaste, Aho

Kimberly Armstrong

CEO/Founder Turtles Yoga & Wellness, LLC, Office: 503.574.4711, Website: Facebook:

Sunil Varma helped me to focus and relax my mind. It’s much more than your average meditation practices – it’s nothing like having to perform a full lotus position and chanting Hindi mantras with a group of total strangers in a cramped room that smells like a Moroccan open market on a hot day. If that is what you are into, then there are other options in PDX.

After my session with Sunil, I felt a sense of calm in my mind. As if there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I can’t really explain it, but I felt much more focused. This feeling stayed with me for awhile until I totally forgot about it. About a month later I quit smoking completely after 20 years smoking. I didn’t really force myself, I just stopped. Again, something unexplained. I didn’t even go to Sunil to quit smoking, but it happened anyway.

I will go back for more sessions with Sunil. His sessions are non-manipulative and you are able to recall everything. The major benefit is that the sessions are relaxing and healing. I highly recommend visiting Sunil for at least a session. It is an experience you will never forget.

Denab Catalan, Nebcat Photography, Portland OR

I sought out Sunil, when I was at my wits end with a long-standing malaise. Even though my life had all the ingredients of happiness, I was haunted by a chronic, low-grade dissatisfaction I called “The Frown” which stole my enjoyment of the most ordinary things and increasingly manifested as a sour outlook upon my marriage. Upon meeting Sunil, I was struck by his clear sense of my despair, his assurance that hypnosis would be effective, and by his command borne of years of experience. The effects of each session were immediate and cumulative. There was gradual and significant relief of the presenting problem, as well as a growing new sense of hope in both my relationship and my ability to move forward in productive and satisfying ways.
To anyone considering hypnosis with Sunil, congratulations: your inner guidance is pointing you in a positive direction. Be patient with the style and length of the process and expect great results!
Layne Young, Portland OR,
Sunil is a Master Healer. I have know him for years now and have had a first hand experience of his healing techniques. The results are truly amazing. He has the ability to speed up the healing process physically as well as emotionally .I have encountered a few very stress situations this past year and Sunil was my 911 phone call. He has the power to cut through problems like a hot knife in butter. Sunil does remote healing as well which is a very bonus to me. Pamela Paulson, Vancouver WA, Owner   phone 503-496-5239

Start now by  calling Sunil Varma  Certified Hypnotherapist at (971) 645-8174 for a 30 minute complimentary confidential hypnosis consultation at no cost to you. To find out how you can jump-start your healing with hypnosis. Your change starts here!