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Hypnosis for Weight Loss — Gain the Tools to Lose the Weight

Lose Weight and Feel Great

Sunil Varma Behavioural Expert, Clinical Certified Hypnotist, Relationship Expert, Portland OR

Stop Struggling to Lose Weight
  • Are you tired of struggling to lose weight?
  • Do you feel as stuck as the scale, wanting to change your habits but instead yo-yoing back and forth?

It’s not just a matter of willpower. Chances are, you’ve never gotten the right kind of help. Results-Based Hypnotherapy for weight loss can give you the support you need… both from your practitioner and from your own true, inner self.

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Start Believing in Yourself

Sunil Varma’s intuitive, results-based approach to hypnotherapy can help you change from within and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors. As you work with Sunil, you’ll come to believe in your own ability to make healthy choices and feel motivated to reward yourself, not with food, but with achieving the health and weight you want… step by step.

Release the Patterns to Lose the Weight

Results-Based Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps to release negative patterns and integrate all the elements of success. Better than traditional weight loss programs. Better even than other styles of hypnotherapy for weight loss. The difference is your practitioner. Sunil starts by asking the right questions. Through his heightened intuition, he sees beyond the literal answers to help you get to the root of your issues.

How Results-Based Hypnotherapy Promotes Weight Loss: Step by Step
  1. In-depth investigation and consultation
  2. Finding the hidden clue to the problem – like a detective
  3. Hypnosis based on the clue involves:
    • Negative Pattern Release
    • Parts Integration
  4. Intuition is used during hypnotherapy to:
    • Ask questions and see beyond the answers
    • Get to the root of the problem
    • Implement solutions
Results-Based Hypnotherapy Gives You What You Need to Lose Weight:
  • A safe place to share sensitive information
  • Non-judgmental practitioner and unconditional support
  • Trust in the practitioner
  • Milestones & Success Factors (“baby steps”)
  • Deeper understanding of self
  • Motivation
  • Coaching – Tips, advice, ongoing support
  • Someone to hold you accountable
  • Resources – inner and external

It starts with you making a commitment to yourself to wanting to change and investing in yourself.

Compared to regimented weight loss programs, Results-Based Hypnotherapy for weight loss is painless. You’ll make changes easily and naturally. Decide to invest in yourself, your confidence and your health:

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