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Past Life Regression Hypnosis — Let the Old You, Help Create a New You

What is Past Life Regression? Past Life Regression (PLR).

is the belief that you have lived other lives and that under hypnosis you can visit experiences and emotions from these past lives.

Reasons to Receive Past Life Regression.

Foremost, PLR is a safe and effective way correct emotional, psychological, or psychosomatic problems that may be caused by trauma suffered during a past life. PLR can also be used by those who are spiritually curious and would like to know who, what and where they were in a past life.

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

First you are induced into a hypnotic state and regressed backward in age. Then you are asked to create a “safe zone” that is both mentally and visually appealing. This is done as a precaution should any past experiences or lives become too intense.

Next you are instructed to go back past the point of birth. This is an opportunity to journey into one or multiple of your past lives. I will ask you to look around you and explain what kind of environments you are seeing. Afterwards I will look into the associations between your current situation and your past life or lives.

As your therapist, I will also be aware of your physical cues and subconscious responses and will determine if an event or emotion is destructive or not productive to your current existence and will ask your subconscious to not allow this experience to affect your current self.

Results Based Hypnotherapy is certified to practice past life regression.

Published reports along with my direct experience have shown that PLR can be extremely useful in treating current physical illness or psychological problems. For most people PLR elicits extremely vivid images and feeling of well-being, and answers questions about past lives.

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