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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy — You Can Quit! Get Results Now

Stop Smoking and Conquer Bad HabitsStop trying to quit on your own.

Have you promised to quit, tried to quit, planned to quit again – tomorrow? It’s more than a nicotine addiction. More than a habit. That’s why it takes more than willpower.

Results-Based Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy works at a deep core level

Sunil Varma’s unique approach will help you identify triggers and eliminate emotional baggage – along with your nicotine addiction. By working at a very deep core level, Results-Based Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking for good, without the pain and struggle.

Start Believing in Yourself

Results-Based Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy can help you change from within and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors.  As you work with Sunil, you’ll come to believe in your own ability to make healthy choices. You’ll feel naturally motivated to reward yourself, not with a cigarette break, but with the lifestyle you want… step by step.

Get Everything You Need to Quit Smoking Successfully:
  1. Non-judgmental support person
  2. A safe place to discuss even difficult, embarrassing issues
  3. Identify triggers
  4. Resolve emotional baggage
  5. Break old patterns, behaviors and ways of thinking
  6. Learn how to manage stress without smoking
  7. Deeper understanding of self
  8. Motivation from within
  9. Unconditional support and trust
  10. Someone to hold you accountable
Freedom from cigarettes – and self-judgment
  • Do you hate to feel people judging you?
  • Does it hurt even more when you judge yourself?
  • Does the temporary relief from stress just leave you feeling worse?

Even if you feel powerless to stop, you can make a simple choice. Get help – feel better fast – with Results-Based Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy.

How Results-Based Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Helps You: Step by Step
  1. In-depth Investigation into how, when and where you became a smoker
  2. Finds the hidden clue to the problem
  3. Hypnosis based on the clue involves:
    • Negative Pattern Release
    • Parts Integration
  4. Intuition is used to see beyond the answers and get to the root of the problem
  5. Gives you an action plan
  6. Apersonal CD helps you between sessions
    • Stop Smoking cessation helps change relationship with cigarettes
    • Changes belief system
  7. Five to six sessions is all it takes for success
  8. Relapse Relief – if you relapse after a year, you get a free session and subsequent sessions at ½ price.
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What they don’t tell you about quitting…
How many succeed:
Going cold turkey: 28%
Using Nicotine Gum 6%
Using The Patch 6%
Champix sometimes also called Chantix- please note there are many side effects – 3%
Zyban This is an antidepressant and should be thoroughly investigated before use). 4%
Laser Therepy 47%
Accupuncture 49%
General Hypnotherapy 67%
Dave Allen on “Giving up Smoking”
Read about the tax credit available for smoking cessation.

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“The work Sunil does is just outstanding. I will be the first to admit I was a skeptic that hypnosis was going to work for me, but it did! I would highly recommend Sunil, for anyone that really wants to quit smoking. The urge to smoke was suppressed, after just one visit. So now Sunil and I are working on my self-confidence issues with hypnosis, and I feel ten times better about myself. Thank you so much!!!”
Kris H, Portland, OR