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Change Your Thoughts With Hypnotherapy – Change Your Reality

Certified Hypnotherapist, Sunil Varma, Guides You to Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality – Saturday, September 15, 2012 Most of us can articulate what makes us miserable, unhappy and unfulfilled. But, we are not so good at defining what would make us happy, what we really want out of life, our business, our family and […]

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Past Life Exploration Workshop with Certified Hypnotherapist

Join this Past Life Exploration Workshop with Certified Hypnotherapist, Sunil Varma on August 14, 2012 from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm Past life exploration unlocks your subconscious mind to the gifts of enlightenment and healing. By merging the wisdom gained through past life experiences into your current life, you can achieve a greater understanding of […]

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Office Open House July 13 to Launch New Self-hypnosis Series

I am having an Open House to launch my new Self-hypnosis Series, “Morning, Afternoon and Evening Tune-ups”along with the opening of my new office. The self-hypnosis series was designed to enhance your daily life. A CD of the series will be available for free to each person who attends the open house. Don’t miss it! […]

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When Talking Isn’t Enough, Hypnosis Can Help.

Do you feel stuck in an endless cycle of talking and thinking about your problems? You aren’t alone. Traditional talk-based counseling can be a helpful tool for some, but many people need a deeper, more powerful form of therapy to get to the root of their most persistent issues. If you have a problem you […]

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Hypnosis works from the inside out.

Sometimes the problems we most want and need to solve are beyond our ability to resolve on our own. Most of us, when confronted with painful experiences or trauma, develop strong coping mechanisms to survive and to hide our pain. The psychological armor we build up may help us in the short term, but in […]

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Hypnosis is safe, easy, and profoundly effective.

There’s a simple reason why hypnosis has been used for many years to break through the barriers that keep us from overcoming our problems. It works. During a hypnotherapy session, I gently guide you into a deep state of relaxation and use positive suggestions to override the old, negative messages and shift the way you […]

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Relief from Stress Related Problems

A beneficial result of  Results Based Hypnotherapy Stress Management Program’ is the alleviation of stress induced symptoms like fatigue,  lack of sleep, prescription drug and alcohol abuse, overeating or emotional outbursts. Often the stress response will become so great that the individual will seek out ways of numbing through illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, […]

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NYT on Hypnosis

This Is Your Brain Under Hypnosis – New York Times Hypnosis, with its long and checkered history in medicine and entertainment, is receiving some new respect from neuroscientists. Recent brain studies of people who are susceptible to suggestion indicate that when they act on the suggestions their brains show profound changes in how they process […]

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